Get Ready for 2021...NOW!

There are three simple keys to your success in 2021. Michael will share with you what they are, and how to implement by giving you all the tools that you need. Get started on 2021 today!

In this course you will learn...

  • 1
    Start Here! 3 Things you Must do to get Referrals in 2021...
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  • 2
    Make The January Calls!
    • The January / GenGen Call
  • 3
    Create Your YAPS!
    • Rally the Troops!
    • 2021 All YAP
    • 2021 Top YAP
    • Virtual S'mores Day Event with Nicole Aldaz
    • Virtual Scavenger Hunts and Trivia Nights with Toril White
  • 4
    Start a FaceBook Group!
    • Create a Facebook Group NOW
    • Build Your FaceBook Group
    • Grow Your FaceBook Group

Let's Get Started!

#1) Create a communication plan for your database. Then create a special communication plan for your TOP ambassadors. #2) Make the important January calls to your database. Learn exactly what to say. #3) Create a FaceBook Group. Learn why, how, and then how to maximize.
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Let's Get Started!